Henderson Bay High School



At Henderson Bay, we strive to build an empowered, empathetic and excellent community of learners. How we engage with each other every day and the actions we take determine how strong and positive this community is.


When I accept enrollment at Henderson Bay I commit to:

  • Treat all members of the school community with respect and dignity.

  • Attend school every day, do the best I can & participate to the best of my ability. Target- attend 90% of school days or more.

  •  Be an active and productive member of my advisory. Advisory is an essential part of our school culture. 

  • Maintain academic progress earning at least 1 credit per quarter (passing at least two classes).

  • Seek resolution to conflicts rather than fan the flames of discord.

  • Make choices that promote a healthy lifestyle and positive learning environment. 

  • Manage my time and space, avoid distracting behaviors and focus on the work at hand. Be on time to class and work to the end. Limit hall passes and use them appropriately.

  • Face challenges- personal and academic- head on, asking for help when needed.

  • Use electronics appropriately. This includes how I use devices for learning AND for communicating with others. No cell phones during class time.

  • Dress appropriately for the school environment.

  • Follow all school and district rules.