FAQ Welcome To Henderson Bay High School!


What is Henderson Bay?  We are a small setting serving students in the Peninsula School District. We use the PSD curriculum with PSD teachers. We are a school of choice, meaning anyone can choose to come to Henderson Bay.


What makes Henderson Bay different? The large schools have about 1400 students. We have about 120. The large schools use a 6 period day. We have a 4 period day with a daily advisory. We have quarterly grades vs semesters, meaning a student can earn 8 credits in a year instead of 6 at the larger schools.


Due to our size we are able to build strong relationships with students, getting to know their strengths, their needs, their goals and their obstacles. We strive to create a family atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and able to thrive.


Is it hard to get into Henderson Bay? Our goal is to enroll every student that wants to come here. First, we check with your current school on academics, attendance and behaviors to ensure we are a good fit. If needed we will contact students and families for more information. 


When will I find out if I am able to enroll?  We open our fall enrollment window in late  April. We prioritized early applicants with a notice by the end of May.  June applicants will be contacted before the last day of school. Summer applicants will be processed in August when we return from summer break. For enrollment starting 2nd Semester, you will receive confirmation in January.


How do I apply to get in?  Go to this link: https://hbh.psd401.net/bay-academy/registration and click on the blue button and fill out the google form.


What if I live outside of the Peninsula School District?  Complete the application information above AND complete the Choice Transfer request. Go to the PSD Website:

https://www.psd401.net/about-us/transfer-request and click on the Choice Transfer tab and follow the links.

What if I have more questions? Give us a call at 253.530.1700, email our principal Brian Tovey at toveyb@psd401.net    We are happy to answer any questions. If you want to come by for a tour just give a call and we will set one up.