Course List

We will offer a variety of courses that will help you meet graduation requirements, including all core subjects. This includes all required courses and a variety of electives. 

We will also work with you and your home school to access classes we may not offer like Advanced Placement, Band, or Choir. You also have access to district-wide classes and West Sound Tech.

Our classes are based on your interests and curiosity and the resources we use will align to those. The courses we offer will expand in the coming months.

English: 9, 10, 11, 12 

Math: Algebra Prep (elective), Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Stats

Social Studies:  World History, US History, Civics, Washington State History

Science: Biology, Physics, Environmental Science, Chemistry

Career and Technical Education: CCFE, Health, Food and Nutrition, Child Psychology and Psychology.  Coming soon: Textiles and Fashion

NCAA Eligibility

Bridge classes do not meet NCAA clearinghouse eligibility requirements. Any student planning on pursuing intercollegiate athletics in college should consider other options. 

Districtwide CTE Programs (Transportation provided):

  • Teacher Academy - Henderson Bay High School
  • Skilled Trades Pre-Apprenticeship - Peninsula High School
  • Navy JROTC/NNDCC - Peninsula High School

West Sound Tech (Transportation provided): For more information, please visit