We want all of our students to be successful and reach their educational goals. We need to work together as a supportive community to make this happen. Here is how we build our healthy and safe learning environment:

  • Come to school every day. If something comes up where you are not able to attend, check in with your Advocate/Advisor.

  • Learn and work toward your goals and graduation. When you come to school, stay focused. If you need food or a break, your Advocate/Advisor can help. They can help if you are stuck too.

  • Bring your passions and interests to your learning. Share with your teachers the things that you are interested in and would like to learn more about. They are experts at incorporating these things into your learning. If you aren’t sure what interests you, they will help foster your curiosity!

  • Stick to your plan and adjust if needed. Every student will have a Student Learning Plan to keep you moving toward your goals.  

  • Take advantage of adventures. We will offer opportunities for you to connect with mentors in the community, guest speakers, participate in field trips to connect you with careers, and visit colleges.  

  • Be creative and try new things.  Learning is designed with you not just for you.  Be creative in how you would like to show your learning.  Here are some project ideas to consider.

  • Bring your champions. Share with your Advocate/Advisor who your champions are. Identify one or two caring adults in your life that can help support you and celebrate you along the way.

  • Grading options are A, B, and Not Yet. There are so many reasons that this is our grading philosophy. 

    First, because learning is designed along with you, the process involves those things you want to learn about. Secondly, we focus on the essential standards that are enduring and will help you throughout your whole life, so it is important to know things well. Third, we know you can do it and will give you the support to reach high levels of understanding. Finally, part of your assessment is done by you - we oftentimes see students are harder on themselves than teachers are!

Statement of Understanding

There may be some instances that students in the Bridge Academy cannot attend full time each day at Henderson Bay. In these instances, students will access the Bridge Academy as an Alternative Learning Experience.  In accordance with the Alternative Learning Experience Implementation Standards, reference WAC 392-121-182 (3)(e) prior to enrollment parent(s) or guardian shall be provided with, and sign, documentation attesting to the difference between home-based instruction and enrollment in an alternative learning experience (ALE).

Provided on this form are descriptions of the difference between home-based instruction and an ALE. By enrolling in the Bridge Academy’s courses, guardians agree that they have read the descriptions of home-based instruction and alternative learning experience written below.  In addition, guardians agree to an understanding of the difference between home-based instruction and the alternative learning experience program in which their student is enrolling.

Summary Descriptions:

  1. Home Based Instruction (Home School – not using district programs)

  2. Home-based instruction is provided by the parent or guardian as authorized under RCW 28A.200 and 28A.225.010. Students are not enrolled in public education. Students are not subject to the rules and regulations governing public schools, including course, graduation, and assessment requirements. The public school is under no obligation to provide instruction or instructional materials, or otherwise supervise the student’s education.

  3. The Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) in Peninsula School District for the the Bridge Academy, and theGlobal Virtual Academy Programs offered at Gig Harbor, The Bay Academy, and Peninsula High Schools

  4. ALE is authorized under WAC 392-121-182. Students are enrolled in public education either full-time or part-time. Students are subject to the rules and regulations governing public school students including course, graduation, and assessment requirements for all portions of the ALE. Learning experiences are:

  • Supervised, monitored, assessed, and evaluated by certificated staff.
  • Provided via a written student learning plan.
  • Provided in whole, or part outside the regular classroom.

Part-time Enrollment of Home-Based Instruction Students

Home-based instruction students may enroll in public school programs, including ALE programs, on a part-time basis and retain their home-based instruction status. In the case of part-time enrollment in ALE, the student will need to comply with the requirements of the ALE written student learning plan, but not be required to participate in state assessments or meet state graduation requirements.

The Peninsula School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. 

The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: 

John Yellowlees, Executive Director, Student Services. 14015 62ND AVE NW, GIG HARBOR, WA 98332. (253) 530.1080