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Behavior Expectations

Henderson Bay High School is committed to helping each student find success and will work with students and parents to provide the best education possible. In order to be successful, the student must agree to meet the standards set out in this contract. the adherence to this is the student’s responsibility and will require parents/guardians to take an active part in the education of their student(s).


Students choose to attend Henderson Bay High School (HBHS) and must be committed to abiding by high expectations of student behavior.

School Rules

  • Students are expected to comply with all school and District rules and policies. In addition students are expected to comply with all directions given by staff members.
  • Students are to respect the rights of others by refraining from harassment (verbal, physical, or sexual), fighting, or taking others’ possessions. Any threat will be taken seriously and will be investigated.
  • Students are to use appropriate language in all verbal and written communication.
  • Students are expected to clean up and take part in keeping the school grounds graffiti and litter free.
  • Students are expected to be in class on time and be a productive class member.
  • Students are expected to proceed through the building in an orderly manner.
  • Students must sign out in the main office when leaving campus. Parental permission is required for a student to leave school.
  • HBHS has a closed campus.
  • No student guests are allowed on campus.
  • Alcohol, drugs and tobacco possession or use is strictly prohibited at HBHS.

Electronic Devices

Students who bring cell phone/electronic devices do so at their own risk! Use of Electronic Devices (Cell phones, I-Pods, MP3 players, etc.) may only be used during breakfast and lunch. The consequences for not following this rule are as follows:

  • Step 1 – The device will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day (refusal to turn over a device when requested will result in suspension or assignment of Wednesday School for Defiance.)
  • Step 2 – The device will be confiscated and returned to the parent/guardian.
  • Step 3 – The device will be confiscated and returned to the parent/guardian, and Wednesday School will be assigned.
  • Step 4 – Possible suspension.

Parents/guardians needing to contact their students during the school day are asked to call the main office and a message will be delivered immediately.

Appropriate Dress

Balancing appropriate dress with student self-expression and fashion is difficult. At HBHS, we want to create an environment where students feel welcomed and appreciated for who they are. We cannot do this, however, at the expense of appropriateness. The following are some guidelines for parents and students to follow in terms of appropriate dress for school:

  • Hoods and dark glasses are not to be worn in the building.
  • Clothing should cover midriffs, cleavage, and undergarments.
  • Clothing, jewelry and other accessories should not have inappropriate slogans, graphics or present a safety hazard. They should not advertise alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or weapons.
  • Clothing or accessories associated with gang affiliation are not allowed.
  • At any time, staff may determine the appropriateness of a student’s attire.

Students who do not abide by these standards will be asked to make the necessary change(s). If students are unwilling to do so, they will be sent home.