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 Algebra and Geometry  
 Art Exploration  Gayle Beard
 Biology/Astronomy/Earth Science/Marine Biology  George Palo
 Ceramics  Gayle Beard
 Civics  Greg Brashear 
 Contemporary World Problems  George Palo
 College Career and Financial Exploration  
 Digital Photography  
 Fitness  Gayle Beard
 Ethnic Foods  
 Graphic Design  
 Leadership  Peter Liljengren
Financial Math/Algebra/Geometry  
 Math Systems/COE  
 Nutrition & Food Prep  
 Reading/Writing Lab & Math Strategies  Jeanne Williams
 English  Gayle Beard, Peter Liljengren,
 S.T.A.R.S.  Peg Loe
 U.S. and World History  Greg Brashear
 Work Based Learning  Karen White