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Culminating Project

The culminating project at Henderson Bay is a chance for students to get outside of the school building and earn credit doing something in an area they have chosen and like. It is a .25 or .5 credit contract, and it needs to be in one or more of the following learning areas: Community Service, Career Exploration, or Specific New Learning. In the past, students have volunteered with their favorite charity, raised money for non-profits as far away as Malawi, Africa, learned a new skill such as playing an instrument, job shadowed and researched in many different fields, and presented an art show. Though the projects have to be approved by a staff committee, we hope that students will think outside the box and create a project that is interesting and exciting to them.

Students can begin their project as soon as they have completed 16 credits and have submitted an approved project proposal. Besides the project itself (40 hours for .5 credit and 20 hours for .25 credit), students write a paper, complete a portfolio, and make a public presentation to staff and community. Presentations are held twice a year in late January and late May. If you are interested in more information, you can access the current culminating project notebook, mentor information letter, and list of important dates from this website by clicking on the links below.