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Henderson Bay Scholarship Fund

Every year, local businesses, organizations and individuals award scholarships to Henderson Bay graduates. All graduating seniors who plan to continue their education are encouraged to participate in this scholarship program.

In order to compete for many of these scholarships, you must complete a scholarship notebook. Local donors utilize these notebooks to determine which students best meet their award criteria. Others prefer to let a school committee select the student or students who meet their criteria or who are most deserving. Your notebook will represent you and allow the donors and/or the scholarship selection committee to get to know you.

Since selections are based on your interests and achievements as illustrated by your scholarship notebook, you will want to present your best self. Your notebook will include a statement of purpose that details your future plans, letters of recommendation, awards and accomplishments, and personal pages of photos, artwork, poems, and other tangible illustrations of your life. Final deadline for the scholarship notebook is Friday, March 9, 2019

Scholarship Notebook/Portfolio

Instructions for Claiming Scholarships

Scholarship monies may be used for tuition, books, lab fees and other related costs at the educational institution you will be attending. The delivery of these funds may vary:

  • Most of the funds will be mailed directly to the educational institution where you are registered.
    • To request these funds, the “Verification of Registration” form must be completed. (The form is located in the scholarship packet)
      • Complete all of the information on “the student” portion of the verification form.
      • Submit the verification form to the registrar or financial aid officer when you register at your chosen school. Ask them to complete “the schools” portion of the form and mail it back to HBHS at the address listed on the form.
      • We will then begin the process for the printing of your scholarship check. This process may take up to three (3) weeks. Plan accordingly.
      • If you have changed your mailing address and/or phone number, it is your responsibility to provide the office with your most current information.
    • Some of the donor’s will include with their awards, specific instructions on how and to whom their funds will be paid. It is important you keep this information.
    • Specific information, including addresses for thank you letters, time restrictions on awards, and how to claim the award will be given to the recipient. It is important to keep this information!