Course List

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GVA offers three different types of high school level courses to our students. The majority of GVA students take regular online courses; however, we also offer Advanced Placement courses. Our AP courses have been approved by College Board, and all AP teachers have been specifically trained for this purpose.

In addition, we have Credit Recovery courses for those students that need to retrieve credit from classes they have failed. Students can take Online Credit Recovery classes to earn .5 credit, and a PASS on their transcript.  The PASS does not impact GPA.

Credit Recovery Note:  If a student earns a failing grade in a course, credit may only be retrieved one time. If a student fails a course and retrieves the credit once by attempting the full course again, both classes appear on the student's transcript, and only the higher grade is used to determine GPA; however, if a student has already retaken a full version of the class, that student is not able to then enroll in an online credit recovery version of the course for an additional .5 credit.

Curriculum Alignments

GVA contracts with Fuel Education for most of our online curriculum. Our Foreign Language Provider is Middlebury Languages, through K12. Fuel Education is accredited through Northwest Association of Accredited Schools and is in alignment with all state standards. K12 was reviewed and approved by both the Peninsula School District Board of Directors and the Instructional Advisory Committee in 2007.

The Peninsula School District has recently begun developing its own curriculum in Social Studies, CCFE, Math, English and Health/PE.  By having Peninsula School District teachers develop and teach these online courses, we closer align the digital curriculum with the brick-and-mortar setting, and we help to facilitate more frequent communication between students, teachers, and parents.  All online district curriculum has been reviewed by the Peninsula School District Instructional Advisory Committee.

AP Courses

Fuel Education’s AP courses, those provided by the Global Virtual Academy, must be authorized annually by the College Board. Fuel Education can provide copies of their approved syllabi as needed.

NCAA Eligibility

GVA classes do not meet NCAA clearinghouse eligibility requirements. Any student planning on pursuing intercollegiate athletics in college should consider other options.