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High School Registration

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High School Virtual Learning: Global Virtual Academy
If interested in GVA, please call Henderson Bay at 253-530-1700 or email Julie Riley at
The Peninsula School District will continue to offer high-quality, asynchronous learning for grades 9-12 through our Global Virtual Academy 
We will offer a full menu of regular, AP and Credit Recovery courses, using our own district teachers and our district Schoology platform. In addition, we will expand our offerings by contracting with PEAK/K12 when specific courses are needed to meet student needs and desires. 
Students will enroll in 3-4 classes at a time and are required to make weekly contact with each instructor via Zoom or email. Part-time students can take 1-2 online classes in conjunction with their brick-and-mortar classes. Part-time students register for this option through their school counselor. Full time students can enroll in GVA using the link below.  

After we get your information, one of our learning specialists will reach out to help set up a schedule. We look forward to working with your family.


Students who wish to enroll in GVA while attending a Peninsula School District high school will complete the Initial Individualized Learning Plan in their high school counselor’s office. The counselor, parent, and student must sign this plan.  

The plan then goes to the high school registrar who puts the course(s) in the student’s schedule. The high school registrar will send the Initial Learning Plan to the GVA registrar to be processed. Students and parents are sent an email from the Online Learning Specialist with instructions for beginning the course. Students are expected to begin within 72 hours of receiving this email.

What is a Student Learning Plan (SLP)?

All students sign Student Learning Plans (SLPs), which contain course expectations and learning goals. Our student learning plans tie the following basic set of expectations to each course's syllabus, specific learning targets and assessments.

Individual plans will vary depending on starting and ending dates as well as individualized needs or circumstances. In addition, these plans will be modified through an intervention plan if the Online Learning Specialist determines that the student is not making adequate monthly progress. 

Please contact your school counselor to begin registration in GVA and complete your SLP for enrollment.

Part-Time Students

We offer an alternative to brick-and-mortar classes in a traditional high school. Students enter our program for a variety of reasons. The majority of our students take one or two online classes as part of their regular high school schedule. At school, students can work in the library, computer lab, or Career Center. Many students have these courses either first or sixth period, and are able to work online from home. 

To enroll, part-time students first connect with their school counselor to complete a Student Learning Plan.  There is a $25 lab fee per student, per semester.

Full-Time Students

We have several students that are in our program full time and take all of their classes online. Full-time students can participate in extracurricular activities, including athletics, music, drama, art, and hands-on technical classes at their home high school.

Students who wish to enroll in the Full-Time GVA Program complete the online enrollment request posted on the GVA website. The registrar will then email the link to the enrollment forms needed.  After the forms are completed and turned in to the registrar, a meeting is set up with the Online Coordinator.

If accepted into the full-time program, students will be enrolled in Henderson Bay High School. All counseling, scheduling, and registration is handled by the Online Learning Specialist, Anne Mullen. The Online Coordinator also facilitates and documents all ALE processes including: Individualized Learning Plans, weekly contact, monthly assessment of adequate progress and Intervention Plans.

Full-time students are enrolled in a weekly Advisory class. This class serves as a homeroom. Students earn a .5 credit through goal-setting and communication, and completing lessons in social emotional learning.