September 7th News and Notes

The Academies at Henderson Bay News and Notes Text Graphic with PSD Logo

Hello Bay Academy Families!

Today was an awesome day! We are so thankful for our amazing students and the positive energy they brought to the first day of school - let’s keep that positive vibe going!

A couple of quick things:

  • Students did a great job with masking and distancing today- please keep this going!  We can do a better job at lunches with social distancing while masks are off. Please help us out on this.

  • Buses- thanks for your patience as transportation is working this out. The shuttles are:

    • AM PHS to HB- #146

    • AM GHHS to HB #132

    • PM HB to PHS #147

    • PM HB to GHHS #102

Note: the number on the bus may be without the 1 i.e. for 146, it 46 on the bus, etc. 

  • Wednesdays are a late start for collaboration. This begins tomorrow, Sept 8.  Students (and buses) arrive one hour later than the rest of the week.

  • Please bring charged Chromebooks every day.

Due to an accident on Highway 16 our release was a little goofy today. Our students did an awesome job being patient and flexible as we waited for transportation.

Every student has a schedule (yeah!).  If corrections are needed we will take care of those in the next couple of days.  Thanks for being patient with this.